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Policies and Procedures for establishment and operations of Overseas Wings:

Pakistani expatriates, through their intellect and sheer hard-work, have carved a niche position in different countries of the world. While being the source of foreign exchange remittances vital for Pakistan’s economy, the overseas Pakistanis are goodwill ambassadors portraying the progressive reality and image of Pakistan. Pakistan Freedom Movement (PFM) considers Overseas Pakistanis as an integral part of Pakistani population. We completely support the right of Overseas Pakistanis to vote to choose the leaders of Pakistan. The Overseas Wings of PFM are designed to reflect the dynamic outlook of our core principle of REIn (Respect, Empower, Involve) applicable to our membership. We aim to respectour members by keeping in regular contact with them, we intend to empower our members to be able to decide the leadership of the party, and we wish to involve our members in determining the party’s direction. Overseas Pakistanis shall have an equal merit based right as any ordinary citizen of Pakistan, to reach any level within the governance structure of the party including the office of the chairman. PFM defines an Overseas Pakistani as any individual in possession of a Pakistani passport or a National Identity Card for Overseas Pakistanis (NICOP).

The following policies and procedures shall be adopted for establishment and operations of Overseas Wings of PFM:

These policies and procedures shall remain in vogue until the party is in a position to hold meaningful intra-party elections, with a hope that the first such elections shall be conducted before December 31, 2017.

The PFM Governing Council shall accept requests (on standard form) from Overseas Pakistanis for appointment of President and Vice President to head party operations in corresponding countries.

The PFM Governing Council shall consider the applications on merit and shall nominate (through notification) President and Vice President in a country. Merit shall be based on the applicant’s education, skills, experience, diversity of exposure in the Pakistani Diaspora, and positive personal repute.

The President shall, in (non-binding) consultation with the Vice President:

Identify target cities.

Nominate merit (as explained above) based Membership Coordinators (MC) in these cities. A city may have more than one MCs appointed.

Set a target for membership coordinators to enroll at-least 10 members per city.

Develop an annual activity program for the country.

If a city enrolls 50 (or above) members, the President shall arrange for election of City Head from an electoral college comprising of all members of the corresponding city.

European nations shall be divided into three distinct regions as stipulated:

United Kingdom inc ROI (Region 1): England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland and Republic of Ireland.

Mainland Europe (Region 2): France, Belgium, Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, Austria and Germany. (This is not an exhaustive list but is deemed to be where the majority of Overseas Pakistanis Reside)

Scandinavian Nations (Region 3): Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland.

Potential Members of countries not mentioned would have the choice of joining the country nearest to them of their choice.

If a city enrolls 50 (or above) members, the President shall arrange for election of City Head from an electoral college comprising of all members of the corresponding city.

The City Heads shall from within themselves elect a Regional Head.

The 3 regional heads would choose a President amongst themselves. Failing to agree, the Presidents could each take the position on a 4-month basis.

Europe shall have a Governing Council. The European President shall be the head of the European Governing Council. In the absence of the European President the VP shall undertake all activities.

Meetings of the European GC must be held at least once in three months.

The European office shall be authorized to use the logo and stationary of PFM.

The European office shall maintain a minimum organization structure as envisaged by the PFM Governing Council.

The office / mailing address of the President shall be the international chapter office address (unless decided otherwise by the country GC).

The President shall ensure that email accounts are established through the PFM Head Office

The source of funding shall be membership fees and donations.The European office shall be authorized to open a bank account for its operations subject to the approval of the PFM Governing Council

Signatories to the bank account shall be “any two” of the President, Vice President and Two members of the Regional Committee.

The European President shall present an annual budget for approval by the PFM Governing Council.

Proper accounts shall be maintained and shall be presented in every GC meeting.

The International Chapter shall maintain its membership record and accounts within the PFM management information system once it is activated.

The international chapter office shall be bound to submit certified annual accounts ending Dec 31st, by March 31 every year to the PFM Headquarters

The PFM Governing Council shall notify any additions, deletions or amendments to these guidelines from time to time

Rules for detailed election procedures, code of conduct of all party members,removal of positions holders, budgeting, targets etc.,shall be notified in due course and shall form an integral part of this document.

The four Presidents of the various Continents, America, Europe, Middle East & Africa, Asia& Australia would choose a representative amongst themselves to represent the PFM Overseas Members at the Governing Council. Failure to reach a consensus Governing Council nominee amongst themselves would result in each of the Presidents being the nominated representative on a pro rata basis on a mutually agreed schedule.

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