Our Goals

Our Goals

As Pakistan continues to slide on every conceivable human development index, social or economic indicator, a complete rethink is needed through every aspect of Pakistans fabric. The Pakistan Freedom Movement has prioritized areas that are either in dire need of attention or else can produce immediate results by making minor changes within the current disposition.

1. Pakistan Civil Service
Completely revamp examination system; focus on relevance and competence producing specialists rather than generalists

2. Provision of Justice
System of monitoring the quantity and quality of judgments; increase in the number of Judges; strict laws for frivolous cases and false witnesses

3. Restructuring of National Budget
Tax collection Rs 5,000b p.a.; debt servicing and repayment to be brought down to 20% of outlay; expensive foreign loans to be repaid

4. Population Growth
To be brought under 1%

5. Local Government
Immediate devolution down to the UC level; finance and police to be devolved to District level in the first phase

6. Housing
5 New Cities; development of “New Planned Mini-Towns” of between 2,000 – 4,000 homes in every District; 500,000 new homes for Low Income Segment (earning below tax limit)

7. Homeland Security
Professionalization of Police and 100% improvement in Law & Order through community participation and devolution of power. Immediate implementation of National Action Plan in letter and spirit across the country; Eradication of terrorism to be coupled with aggressive plans to provide economic activities and jobs in affected areas. Amalgamation of FATA with KPK to grant constitutional rights to the citizens of FATA. Divide between “B” and “A” areas in Balochistan to be done away with, giving control to one law enforcement agency (i.e. police) to ensure unity of command.

8. Education & Skills Development
Revamping of curriculum to make it economically relevant; school infrastructure; school transport; teacher training; examination system; monitoring of quality and quantity

9. Health & Social Safety
1,000 Mobile Health Units to reinforce provision of primary health care service; IMR & MMR to improve by 50%; clean drinking water to 70% of population; nutrition and food security to bulk of the population

10. Water & Power
20,000 MW of additional energy through hydro carbon and hydro resources; exploration of tight and shale gas and oil; local solutions for wind, solar, bio gas and waste to energy; gas supply through Iran and Central Asia; breakup of distribution companies in smaller units and franchising; completion of projects under the China Pak Economic Corridor umbrella; end of load shedding in year 5

11. Food & Agriculture
Agri Sector Growth 10% p.a.; $15b Halal Products Export; 500% increase in Citrus Export; subsidized seed, inputs, implements, fertilizer; drip & sprinkler irrigation; BT Cotton, focus on high value crops of Grapes, Olives, Onion, Potato etc.; increase in processing of dairy products to 15%; elimination of powdered milk import

12. Industry & Commerce
30 New Industrial Estates; focus on district specialty products; hand-holding of SMEs through provision of training, finance, infrastructure, logistics and marketing; Exports $50b; creation of 2 million new jobs p.a.

13. Information Communication Technology
Harnessing and organizing the IT talent of Pakistan to focus towards innovation in this field by provision of venture capital and national marketing services.

14. Transport & Infrastructure
Immediate revamping of Pakistan Railways; laying down new tracks to increase outreach; public private partnership in railways logistics; development of roads, dams, bridges through public private partnership using adjoining lands for development of industrial clusters; aggressive implementation of projects under the China Pak Economic Corridor umbrella.

We are cognizant of the fact that our country is faced with a long list of social and economic challenges in addition to the ones detailed above. We, however, believe that focus on the above priorities will set the direction of the country towards prosperity and growth, thereby resulting in a positive change in all other areas.

With its anemic and unstable average growth in the past four decades, Pakistan has been suppressed in the region which has seen countries post double digit growth rates for consistent decades. Whereas, this puts Pakistan at the bottom of the ladder when compared with its regional counterparts, it also puts Pakistan as a beacon of untapped potential waiting to be explored.

Pakistan Freedom Movement has crafted a plan for Pakistan. This plan has been developed by top experts of the country after meticulous research (spanning over two decades) and on-ground testing. Consequently, for the first time in the history of our country, a political party has a plan that can be put in place as soon as it is able to form a government. Since the plan is scientifically evolved and assembled, we are confident that Pakistan can increase its GDP growth from a meager 4% to 8.5% in just 36 months.