Haroon Khawaja

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Born Dec 31, 1967, Haroon Khawaja completed his initial education from St. Anthony’s High School and Government College Lahore. He then left for East London University (NELP 1986) for higher studies. He is a fellow member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England & Wales.

In 1992, after gaining critical professional experience in the UK, Haroon returned to Pakistan and joined his family business with a primary focus on real estate and hospitality sectors. Over the years, Haroon has been able to transform the venture into Maverick Hotels, a multinational hotel development and operations company that has been repeatedly lauded by the leading international hotel brands for its performance and quality of product and service. As the CEO of Maverick Hotels, Haroon continues to lead the strategic expansion of the company globally.

He started his foray into politics in 1996, when he successfully coordinated a political campaign from a key local constituency of Lahore. Thereafter, he joined (in honorary capacity) the office of the Prime Minister in 1997 and for the next three years he utilized this opportunity to understand the workings of the Federal Government while conducting meticulous research on issues being faced by Pakistan. In doing so, he managed to build a team of professionals who were masters of their respective fields. Haroon’s experience gained more versatility when he was appointed at a key position in office of the Chief Minister of the largest province of Pakistan (Punjab) in 2008. He used this time to understand the nuances of provincial governance and validate his previous research by implementing “out of the box” solutions. He resigned from this post on Dec 31, 2011.

Haroon’s unique experience of holding key position at the highest public offices in the Federal and Provincial governments has placed him as one of the very few individuals who not only have deep understanding of the issues that the country faces today but also have tried and tested solutions to these issues. He is also the founder Chairman of The Pakpur Foundation, a not-for-profit organization formed by like-minded individuals who aspired to deliver sustainable philanthropic solutions to the neglected segments of society. As Chairman of Pakistan Freedom Movement, Haroon has accepted the daunting challenge of resuming Quaid E Azam’sTehreek E Azadi with the aim of beginning the struggle to translate our 1947 Independence into real Freedom for the common citizens of Pakistan. With this mountainous task at hand, Haroon draws his inspiration from a firm belief in God as well as a sense of moral obligation to all of his fellow citizens.

Haroon lives in Lahore with his wife and children.