Jawad Aslam

Jawad Aslam

JawadAslam was born and raised in the USA. In 1999, after completing his MBA in the USA, he came to Pakistan to better understand the country of his forefathers, his religion and culture. For three years he pursued a degree in Arabic and Islamic Studies from Ashrafia Islamic University in Lahore.

Upon returning to the US, he joined a firm in the suburbs of Washington D.C. to develop high end real estate from end to end. In Septemberer 2005 he returned to Pakistan to work on something more meaningful.

He joined the world renowned low income housing NGO Saiban to lead their Lahore project of Khuda Ki Basti 4. Soon afterwards he was selected as a global Acumen Fellow. This was an opportunity that Jawad used to take the Saiban model a step further. He formed Ansaar Management Company (AMC) in August 2008 with a vision to become a global leader in provision of a sustainable model for high-quality, affordable housing.

After many years of refining the model, national and international leaders in affordable housing have recognized the unique community based approach that AMC has envisioned. For the first time in the history of Pakistan, international investors are bringing in large sums of money to invest in the low income housing sector through AMC.

Jawad regularly speaks at events nationally and internationally on topics of affordable housing and social entrepreneurship. He lives in Islamabad with his wife and daughters.