Welcome to Overseas Pakistani

Overseas Pakistani

We welcome overseas Pakistanis living in every country of the world as the head of the Pakistani sector and I would like to invite them as a voting member of the Pakistan Freedom Movement.

This is the first party in the history of Pakistan who has an awareness of the importance of living overseas Pakistanis.

And I want them to be strong and important position in the party who do not respect them. Congress passed the first time a party as we work to help to the government's commitment, we will need the power of which, we commit to develop an institutional and overseas Pakistanis party's policies and decisions that will participate directly.
The first party is who can create policies for thinking of providing a platform for Pakistanis living in the world, through professional technical improvement of people to remain in meaningful contact with each other, we wisely overseas Pakistanis value and the first paved knew they shall sound the same man, you heard right. We recognize and name may not bring any positive change.

Here you can get into real freedom is freedom of movement through the leadership of Quaid Pakistan so that we all get together we are invited to become a member of the Freedom Movement of Pakistan who is for everyone.