Shahid Mir

Shahid Mir

Born in 1955, Shahid’s academic record with scholarships and high achievements in his first degree in Electrical Engineering from NED University of Engineering and Technology in Pakistan and merit scholarships in his graduate degree, along with his work in Computer and Systems Science from University of Ottawa in the early 80’s clearly define his passion.Being an early entrant in the field of computer science, he has pioneered major IT initiatives in Pakistan over the last 35 years. During this time, a key project was the setting up of and running of Pakistan’s largest Software and Services Exporting Company “Systems Research” as the Founder Chairman and CEO of the company.

As a professional consultant, he has managed unique IT projects in the Telecommunications and various Industrial sectors as Chief Systems Architect with multi-laterals across the Middle East and Africa. Shahid was a member of the pioneering team of Pakistan’s largest computer science university called FAST-NUCES (Foundation for Advancement of Science and Technology, National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences), which now enrolls 7,000 students; and he sits on the Academic Council as the BOG Nominee.

Additionally, he has held Advisory positions to the Prime Minister and President for 3 years, conceptualized, initiated and ran Pakistan Software Export Board (PSEB) for the first three years as the Founder CEO of PSEB for development of IT Policy Framework, IT Infrastructure development plans and their execution. He was also a member of the Prime Minister’s Economic Reforms Committee and National Agenda Board during his sabbatical with the Government of Pakistan.

Perhaps one of his greatest contributions to the country was acting in an advisory board capacity where he led delegations of the IT Industry to forums such as COMDEX and CeBit for three years in the mid 90’s that led to the initiation of IT Exports from Pakistan. Shahid is a natural motivator and inspirer who regularly lectures on various academic topics in leading universities. His passions include golf, hunting, horse riding, heavy motorcycles, martial arts, classical music, and writing poetry.

Shahid lives in Islamabad with his family.