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Energy and Water

Pakistan is not only energy deficient but we are running empty on water as well. While our mineral wealth has stayed buried for the most part, we have, nevertheless, degraded our environment at an alarming rate.

Our party understands that tackling Pakistan’s water woes, climate change, and improving our energy security, are our greatest challenges of the day. We believe that good planning and policy decisions, can support Pakistan’s energy, water and natural resources needs at costs we can afford—economically, environmentally, and socially.

For this, we are looking into most advanced commercially available technologies for strengthening Pakistan’s energy security, (including high-efficiency transmission, renewable energy, carbon sequestration, exploration of tight and shale and demand-side management) mitigating the effects of climate change, and enhancing resilience through adaptation and geo-engineering. Thus, our party understands the merits of solutions to overcome our water woes. We are equally supportive of socio-centric approaches with emphasis on conservation of both energy and water.

Private sector will be involved in efficient operation of distribution companies. In doing so, the distribution companies will be broken down into smaller units, while (rather than privatizing these companies) these will be leased out to operators through transparent bidding for a length of time. The consumer interest and pricing will be kept as a top priority throughout this process.

While exploring indigenous resources for gas and oil, PFM will continue to expedite the LNG option albeit through a very transparent process which continuously keeps the public at large informed about the dealings and intricacies.

To save the enormous asset of downstream water, work will immediately start on large reservoirs while keeping in view regional sensitivities and opinions.