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Pakistan Freedom Movement has, after meticulous efforts and research, created an impressive system of organizing the party in a complete, just and fair manner. This system stands on the foundations of disclosure and transparency. The complete hierarchy of the party from the Governing Council all the way down to the Union Councils appears in an organized manner. This is a unique way pioneered by Pakistan Freedom Movement to ensure that its leaders remain in constant touch with its workers as well as public at the grass root level. This makes Pakistan Freedom Movement the first political party of Pakistan to introduce a systemized way of organizing the membership and hierarchy of the party. We believe that this system will result in openness and will promote involvement of members in the affairs of the party in a meaningful manner.

The painstaking research of PFM has resulted in creation of an enormous database of Pakistan’s landscape which is the most comprehensive intelligent gathering and use of data conducted in this respect in Pakistan. This makes Pakistan Freedom Movement, a systematically organized political party, the only vehicle that the Pakistanis can board to bring meaningful democracy to Pakistan.