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Mobile Health Units

Across the Country

Another outreach program of Pakistan Freedom Movement (through The Pakpur Foundation) is the mobile health unit (MHU).

The public sector medical facilities in villages and small cities are not up to the required standard to fulfill the medical needs of ordinary citizens. The mobile health unit provides state of the art medical facilities, equipment and specialized staff to serve the need of patients.

To give medical facilities to the people of remote areas, where basic medical and maternal health facilities are not available and the people cannot afford to go to the cities for the expensive medical treatment, the mobile health unit comes in action, providing the services and required medical attention to the people at their door step.

Local multipurpose health workers are in direct contact with the community to guide them on their medical issues and to refer cases to MHU staff as needed. All services including patient care, ultra- sonogram, laboratory tests and quality medicines are provided free of cost. Additionally, the MHU staff assemble the local women to educate and train them in the fields of family planning, balanced nutrition and general & personal hygiene.

With a mission to help the disadvantaged, MHUs have also shown great success in providing routine and emergency healthcare to those in need in different emergencies in Pakistan (e.g. floods, IDPs etc.)