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Sports, Culture & Tourism

Pakistan Freedom Movement is proud of Pakistan’s rich heritage and its cultural diversity while being aware of our country’s unity of purpose, shared faith and common values. We believe in conserving and celebrating our way of life and in improving its quality by promoting healthy minds and bodies. We intend to allocate generous resources to organize our youth to actively participate in competitive sports, recreation and responsible tourism.

Following the principles of relevance and competence, the executive bodies overseeing all major sports will be shaken to entail merit based appointments where continuity of positions will be linked with performance. We will ensure that Pakistan regains its pole position in the games of field hockey, cricket and squash, while making leaps in tennis, athletics, badminton, table tennis, boxing, wrestling, kabaddi, and indoor games like snooker, chess and bridge.

Sports will be facilitated through provision of play-grounds and sports auditoriums. Talent will be found, trained, harnessed, given international exposure, psychologically coached, tested and carved into representing Pakistan on international level.

Special attention will be given to development of hotel and lodging facilities in different tourism hubs of this beautiful country. In doing so, the private sector will be invited to invest in this sector with enormous potential. Initially, the goal will be to meet the demand for domestic tourism. With time, as this sector gets organized and the provision of accommodation and infrastructure improves, focus will shift to opening Pakistan’s tourism to the world.