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Pakistan Plan

The work of the founding members of Pakistan Freedom Movement on different issues being faced by the country spans over two decades. This work has now been carefully assembled into an impressive “Plan” that has been indigenously developed (while keeping in view success models around the world). The “Pakistan Plan” revolves around the common people of Pakistan and then zooms out to ensure that decisions taken in Islamabad have a direct and positive impact on the lives of these ordinary citizens. Consequently, the Pakistan Plan connects the decision makers in Islamabad to the needs of common citizens.

We advocate that Pakistan needs to have a small but efficient government, run through sixteen ministries which are organized in five clusters (Governance, Health & Social Safety, Education, Energy & Agriculture, and Sustainable Economic Development).

Over the years, different segments of the Pakistan Plan have been tried and tested successfully to ensure its practicability while accessing the efficacy of the outcomes.

Pakistan Freedom Movement, therefore, is the only political party in Pakistan that has an indigenous, credible, tried and tested plan for Pakistan.

In addition, Pakistan Freedom, again, is the only political party in Pakistan that has a professional and competent team with experience and exposure to be able to implement the Pakistan Plan.