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Through its research and evidence-based interventions, PFM has been instrumental in bringing a positive change in the lives of thousands of people.

While the two villages developed in Muzaffargarh Punjab (1,000 people) and Mirpur Khaas Sind (1,100 people) have transformed into vibrant and healthy communities, these represent unique solutions to turn around the fortunes of the common citizens through community participation. A comprehensive plan needs to be undertaken by the Federal government in collaboration with Provincial and Local governments, to replicate this plan to sow the seeds of a social and economic revolution in the country. Not only can this plan kick start the construction based economic activity, but it has the potential to transform the health and education infrastructure of the country.

Similarly, in the face of completely dysfunctional basic health units, the Mobile Health Units could provide an alternate system for quality health care. PFM’s Mobile Health Units have continued to serve thousands of people in district Kasur, and are redeployed in emergency hit areas, whenever needed.

The PFM infrastructure was activated again to assist people affected by 2022 floods.

Realizing the plight of the common people during the unprecedented wave of inflation, PFM started another unique intervention to provide subsidized monthly ration for deserving families.

Pakistan Freedom Movement continues to serve the people of Pakistan in different and unique ways that represent broader solutions for the country. In this manner, PFM is perhaps the only party that has a wealth of experience in not only research, but of successfully implemented, tried and tested solutions that can help exploit the real potential of our great country and people.