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Governing Council

The affairs of Pakistan Freedom Movement are conducted by its Governing Council, a 21 member body that provides vision and direction to the party hierarchy. The configuration of the Governing Council is carefully designed, keeping in view the prevailing needs of Pakistan and to make Pakistan Freedom Movement a modern, organized and progressive political party. Each geographic unit of Pakistan is represented by a “political” seat while, for the first time a political party of Pakistan has provided a seat for representation of “overseas” Pakistanis. Additionally, for the first time a political party of Pakistan is designating FIVE seats for “technocrats” on its Governing Council. These five technocrats correspond to the five clusters represented in the Pakistan Plan authored by Pakistan Freedom Movement. In this way, this futuristic composition of the Governing Council not only ensures fair representation of people, but also encapsulates the technical knowhow needed by a political party to be fully prepared with its plans at any given time. This unique configuration also helps in training the political members in technical affairs, and vice versa. The constitution of Pakistan Freedom Movement provides a clear roadmap for any voting member of PFM to become the member of the Governing Council.