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Health and Social Safety

Pakistan Freedom Movement aims to enhance the health and welfare of all Pakistanis, enabling them to enjoy a high quality of physical, mental and, resultantly, financial health.

Health inequalities have a proven linkage with poverty and social deprivation whereby health disadvantages are a direct result of social and economic weaknesses. Such inequalities need to be understood in the context of not only current disparities between individuals but keeping in mind the divergences and differences between varied social groups such as elite, poor and middle class. Our Health & Social Safety policy prioritizes Reproductive, Maternal, Neonatal and Child Health (RMNCH), Family Planning, Vaccination, Safe birthing and Nutrition, targeting poor and marginalized communities. Following the thumb rule that “prevention is better than cure”, the investment priority will be directed towards elimination of root causes of disease.

The geographic disparities in health sector need to be addressed in order to shake the dysfunctional primary and secondary level care. We envisage public private partnerships at district hospitals to create quality academic opportunities for doctors, nurses as well as medical technicians.

Focus shall also be on elimination of quackery and spurious drugs. Private medical care shall be facilitated by the government while regulating it to ensure minimum basic standards of healthcare are followed. A comprehensive health insurance system will be introduced to guarantee that everyone, irrespective of their economic band, gets quality healthcare.

Social safety is a form of poverty reduction intervention, cross cutting across the fields of finance, health and social insurance … realigning income to those who are most in need, with emphasis on reducing inequalities. Pakistan Freedom Movement aims to provide assistance and employment support services, specially to those, who, due to age, disability or extreme poverty, are vulnerable and in need of protection and care. The state must foster healthy and well-functioning Pakistani families in safe and sustainable communities with dignity for all.

Inadequate or poor social safety policies and inequitable economic measures result in poor and disparate living conditions in which people are born, grow, live, work and age.

The need of social safety to be adequately cognizant of these social factors and disparities is pertinent and must take into account key aspects of not only health sector but society at large by utilizing varied community and individual initiatives, societal determinants, policies and approaches. It is vital that the government engages local communities, civil society as well as international development partners in such initiatives