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Terms & Conditions

Acceptance of Terms:

By accessing and using the Pakistan Freedom Movement (PFM) website, you agree to comply with and be bound by these Terms and Conditions. If you do not agree to these terms, please refrain from using our website.

Membership Eligibility:

To become a member of PFM, you must meet the eligibility criteria outlined on our website.

All members must be committed to upholding the values and principles of PFM.

Voting Rights:

Members with different membership levels will have varying voting rights.

Decisions made through voting processes are binding on all members and contribute to the overall decision-making process within the party.

Code of Conduct:

As a member of PFM, you agree to abide by the party’s code of conduct.

Any violation of the code of conduct may result in disciplinary action, including the termination of your membership.


PFM reserves the right to terminate any membership without notice for any reason deemed appropriate by the party.

Termination may occur for violations of these terms, the code of conduct, or other unacceptable behavior.

Office Bearer Positions:

Members seeking a PFM office bearer position must meet additional eligibility criteria as outlined on our website.

The process for selecting office bearers may include nominations, elections, or other methods as determined by PFM leadership.

Application Process:

Members interested in an office bearer position must follow the application process outlined on our website.

The party reserves the right to verify the information provided and may conduct background checks where necessary.

Responsibilities of Office Bearers:

Those elected or appointed to office bearer positions are expected to fulfill their duties and responsibilities diligently.

Failure to meet the expectations of the role may result in removal from the position.


Office bearers may have access to confidential information. They are expected to maintain the confidentiality of such information both during and after their term in office.

Amendments to Terms and Conditions:

These terms and conditions may be amended from time to time.

Any changes will be communicated to members, and continued use of the website constitutes acceptance of the updated terms.

Terms & Conditions (for members seeking a PFM office bearer position):

You hereby agree that:

  • You are sagacious, righteous, non-profligate, honest and amen, and that there are no declarations to the contrary against you by a court of law.
  • You have not been and shall not be involved in any process that involves manipulation of votes through financial means.
  • You have not, after the establishment of Pakistan, worked against the integrity of the country or opposed the ideology of Pakistan.
  • You have not been convicted by a court of competent jurisdiction for propagating any opinion, or acting in any manner, prejudicial to the ideology of Pakistan, or the sovereignty, integrity or security of Pakistan, or the integrity or independence of the judiciary of Pakistan, or which defames or brings into ridicule the judiciary or the Armed Forces of Pakistan.
  • You have not been declared in default by any financial institution in Pakistan or abroad.
  • You have not been convicted of any criminal offense in Pakistan or abroad.
  • You have not been convicted of any offence involving moral turpitude.
  • You shall abide by the constitution, rules & regulations of Pakistan Freedom Movement.
  • Once you make this application, Pakistan Freedom Movement may start a process that generates competition for the post that you have applied for.
  • Your application may be rejected by Pakistan Freedom Movement without assigning any reason.

Effective Date:

These Terms and Conditions are effective as of 23 Jan 2024.